Purchase Order Forms a Must in Restaurants

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By David Scott Peters

Restaurant Tip of the Week

Use a purchase order form

The purchase order form is used primarily for placing and receiving food and supply orders, but it can also be used for merchandise and liquor. Using an individual purchase order form for each vendor, fill out what you need to order on the form before you place your order. Then call in the orders. Circle each item amount as you tell it to the salesperson or select it digitally to insure you haven’t missed an item. When you are finished placing the order, put it on a clip board and hang it near the receiving area. When the order is delivered, any manager or key personnel can grab the clip board and verify that the delivery is correct. As you receive the delivery, the person checking it in will ask the driver to show them the items. When you see each item, check off that it was delivered both on the invoice and the purchase order form. At the same time, you should be checking the prices to see if there are any variances. If there are, you will be able to find out why and get them changed or refuse delivery of those items before you pay the invoice/sign for the delivery. This is one system that protects you from theft at your back door.

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